Hartzell Prop A.D. 97-18-02

If your prop has HC (Hartzell Corp.), 2 or 3 (number of blades), and "X" or "V" (the hub designation) in the model number, you are affected. I've seen annuals on planes with this problem incorrectly showing all A.D.'s complied with. So, if you have a Hartzell prop, don't assume anything. Check now, or you might be grounded on September 12, 1999.

Hartzell will sell you a new prop for $7,800, but only until Sept. 30, 1999, when the price jumps to $18,000. wow! New prop delivery can take up to 26 weeks, so put your order in now.

To order a new prop, call Hartzell at 1-937-778-4201, and ask for Keith.
I think Keith is going to owe me a turkey at Christmas...a wild turkey... a whole case of wild turkey...

You can also eliminate the A.D. by overhauling the prop, having the the blades modified and replacing the blade clamps with the new style. Hartzell will sell the parts for one-half price, but again, only until September 30, 1999. The prop shops are quoting about $5,000 for the overhaul, and Hartzell will do it at the factory for about the same price, assuming your blades and hub are usable.

If you have the "A or D" hub, only the clamps have to be purchased and the blades modified to eliminate the A.D. A pair of clamps are $1,500, and it will cost about $700 to modify both blades.

Finally, you may elect to have your prop inspected, now and every 250 hours, at $600 - $800 a time. As long as it passes the inspections, you can continue to fly. Depending upon your model, you may qualify for 500 hour inspections.

A massive last minute rush to comply with this A.D. is anticipated, so decide what you need to do and act now.

For more information about this situation, read the in-depth article published by In-Flight USA .

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